Corporate structure

Finpiemonte Partecipazioni SpA aims to oversee the main strategic sectors with public-private arrangements, by acting where market incentives do not provide a sufficient level of private investment, or rather where a direct supervision of a regional government is required due to the strategic features of facilities.The supervision is implemented through a corporate structure based on several investments areas: "Environment and Energy" (environmental protection and exploitation of renewable sources), "Transport and Logistics" (implementation of the regional planning), "Territory" (construction and/or reuse of industrial sites), "Tourism" (development of cultural heritage), "Finance" (financial instruments and warranty services). The "system" consists on 33 subsidiary companies whose activities cover all provinces of Piedmont.









Finpiemonte Partecipazioni SpA considers the environmental protection and the exploitation of renewable sources for the production of clean energy as a strategic investment sector. Current holding trends are aimed at:


  • protecting the environment through public-private partnership projects to manage waste through the creation of industrial and hazardous waste facilities;
  • developing renewable energy production facilities through public-private partnership projects with qualified industrial partners (photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, hydroelectric, etc.).





Finpiemonte Partecipazioni SpA is implementing the regional planning in the logistics sector, according to the Regional Law February 27, 2008, No 8 "Standards and guidelines for the integration of transport systems and the development of regional logistics”. In line with the national and regional planning tools, current holding trends aim to:


  • enhance the logistics infrastructure;
  • create synergy between the freight transport companies;
  • finance initiatives on port development;
  • promote road safety.





Activities on local production development represent the most significant commitment of Finpiemonte Partecipazioni SpA both on capital investment and on companies number included in this sector.

In particular, current holding trends are aimed at:


  • developing the production system and strengthen the competitiveness through the promotion of high-value settlements as to implement new technologies and using the natural resources for a sustainable development, with particular attention to the infrastructure service.
  • increasing the regional economic system through the diversification, innovation and the internationalization of SMEs; increasing mobility; recovering the disused industrial sites and building porperly outfitted areas.





The tourism promotion and improvement allows to enhance the Piedmont excellence towards consumers, investors, clients and the economic system.

In particular, current holding trends aim to:


  • build infrastructure in the tourist-receptive sector as a driving force to promote tourism in Piedmont;
  • promote fairs and conferences through the creation of suitable infrastructure as a multiplier impact on the area;
  • enhance regional heritage through the recovery of Piedmont historic buildings.





Finpiemonte Partecipazioni SpA supports the regional economic development enabling companies to increase their credit and purchasing power and their investment appraisal.

In particular, current holding trends aim to:

  • use special tools to support local development initiatives;
  • offer bail bond services in order to facilitate SME’s access to credit.