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Finpiemonte Partecipazione largely acts as an holding company. Finpiemonte plays a significant role supporting and financing companies set up to follow relevance projects or complex action areas.

Finpiemonte Partecipazioni operates throughout the companies’ life cycle, from the start-up phase to the consolidation ones, supporting them during the investment phase and more generally in the development process.

The group currently consists of 33 companies, owned through different participation rates, distributed throughout the region and working in different areas.

In future, according to the partner’s directions (Regional Law n. 17 of July 26, 2007), those investments owned directly by the Piedmont Region will become part of the company, creating a unique regional investments system.

The company policy is pointed towards the rotation of the investments portfolio. The disinvestment is foreseen after the start-up phase or in relation to the companies' development. Rather strategic investments represent a different matter: they act in line with the company leader by promoting the Piedmont economical and territorial development.

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